Frequently Asked Questions

Questions people ask before booking a Principal Soul Session

How long will it take to start seeing results/shifts in my life?

How long would you like to stay stuck? Seeing results and choosing stuckness are two sides of the same coin. This paradoxical tension between the two is what we cut through in your Principal Soul Session. 

With this in mind, seeing results is different for every person, but when you’ve contemplated that stuckness/results discomfort for a while already, within hours to days it will feel like the cloud around you has started to lift and your thoughts are clearer.

For some people, deeper changes will start to happen from around three weeks to three months after your reading. While the results are personal for each session, you may start to feel positive shifts such as more confidence, liberation, release, expansion and an unexplainable depth of clarity.

The extent of the shifts will be proportionate to the actions you take.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are your soul blueprint. How you as a person are built on an energetic level. As quantum physics explains, the high frequency energy of your Akashic Record works its way down into your physical form (our most dense energy frequency) and thought forms (less dense than our physical form).

The Akashic Records are a transcription of the Akasha. Akasha is the Indian cosmology term for space or energy. 

What’s the practical use of the Akashic Records? As the blueprint of your core soul-level strengths, it’s a clear and direct view of your distinct leadership style.

It has recorded, or transcribed, both your core leadership strengths (how you’re designed at soul level to create abundance) and the energy of your psychological motivations and desires. Both congruent and incongruent motivations and desires.

The more congruent your motivations and desires are to your soul-level strengths, then the more your goals and ambitions will manifest with ease and fulfilment. Finding the incongruent motivations that block this process and keep you stuck, is key in your Principal Soul Session.

The reading of your Akashic Record:

This involves collating comprehensive and detailed data on the interplay between (1) your soul-level strengths and (2) the motivational choices that have aligned and misaligned you.

These are the energetic dynamics recorded in each person’s Akashic Record.

In summary, your Akashic Record is an energetic DNA of who you are at your CORE, who you are at soul level. This reveals how you are designed to manifest what you want with your distinct leadership style. Staying stuck becomes less of an issue.



How do you “read” the Akashic Records?

First, we need to access your individual Akashic or Soul record with information you personally provide me with the purchase of your Soul Session. Anyone can’t just “go in and read” your Record. The soul itself can also block access to it being read so it’s not an “open book”, so to speak. You will be informed within 48 hours of purchase if access is blocked for whatever reason (this will be unknown, it’s the soul’s business after all!) and the next steps if this is the case.

Intention governs access and accurate reading of your Record which is why on your first 30-minute online call with me, we review your intention to ensure it reflects what you most desire from your Soul Session.

Once your Akashic Record is accessed, energetic data is collected via specific protocols that collect relevant and actionable energetic data. This data is then collated for clear and understandable information you can relate to during your second Soul Session online appointment.

You’ll get all the details and soul-stories collected in addition to poignant direction on “what next?”, based on what is found in your Akashic Record.

You are welcome to arrange a complimentary 15-minute call directly with me at, to clarify any questions and whether the Principle Soul Session is right for you at this time.

What's the science behind the Akashic Records?

I have a blog post in the making for you on this question. In the interim of me publishing that, review these two resources to give you a solid foundation;

1. Article: Physics author Margaret Wertheim – “How many dimensions are there and what do they do to reality?”

2. TED talk: Physicist Brian Greene – String Theory and a multiverse.

Keep in mind these three main dimensions as you review the above.

As you’d already be aware, our physical dimension is known as the third dimension, our physical 3D reality that relies on our five senses.

The fourth dimension (4D) is our mental body, where our thoughts and time reside. This is where our unconscious negating blocks get stuck and perpetuate frustrating patterns, aka spinning our wheels!

The fifth dimension (5D) are our akashic records, extended from the Indian cosmology term Akasha meaning ether/energy. It is purely energetic information. Much like the WWW only on steroids!

In the fifth dimension (unlike our fourth and third dimensions) there is no judgement, just myriad information. We read this information through your Principal Soul Session.

Note, the article above is quite a comprehensive description – and one I was academically satisfied with after working in academia for just under 10 years – of how physics came to know of 10 dimensions to our reality, visible and not visible.

Be sure to take note from the point she writes about Einstein, Kaluza, Klein and Randall (Harvard physicist) who go into the 4D and 5D elements.



What’s an intention? Is it a wish or a goal?

 Yes and No! Your intention is a focused statement, 3-4 sentences at most, of how you’d like a particular area of your life to shift within 3-6 months.

So yes, it’s an overarching but focused intention of goals and no it’s not wishful thinking, keep it real!

Are Soul sessions or Akashic Record readings fortune-telling or psychic readings about the future.

In short, no.

You are a soul living out your unique human experience and that inherently comes with, based on universal laws and universal principles, free will. Free will means you have 100% choice and 100% responsibility that comes with any choice.

As much as we try to deny that responsibility or get freaked out by it (can be natural but, quite frankly, we’re stronger than our ego’s freak out moments!), we make choices every moment of the day. When to cross the road and when not to. What to eat, how much and when. What words come out of our mouth and the words we hold back. How we prioritize our day and night activities. They are all unique to us and come from our ability to make choices.

Because of this limitless landscape of choice in any given moment, your future can take a number of directions which can still be aligned to your soul purpose. That’s the beauty and creativity of our soul-level strengths and how we apply them for our higher living, our rooftop view.

While a reading and session can give you pointed guidance and focused direction so you’re not looking for that needle in the haystack (the Akashic Record Reading finds the needle/s!) and therefore not putting energy into low-return actions, they do not tell you what will happen in your future. To even suggest you’d be getting a psychic reading about your future is undermining of your divine authority and not in line with 100% responsibility and power you have for your life.

Will I have to make major changes in my life given this is a soul-level session?

Not necessarily, although it does depend on what your intention is and what your personal tenacity is like!

The misunderstood thing about soul-level readings is firstly, they are not fortune-telling and secondly, you don’t have to overhaul your life to see positive shifts simply because it’s a soul-level reading/session. In fact, it’s often the opposite.

We’re dealing with soul-level energy which is potent. Energy with regard to your positive strengths and any restricting energeties that derail you from those strengths. Because of the potency of this soul level energy, small actions done consistently and with intentional energy RIGHT FOR YOU,  are the most effective.

They’re so personal and unassuming to “people around you” they may not even notice their impact. But you will!

Ultimately, the shift you’re looking for will be proportionate to the quality and consistency of the action you take. It’s entirely up to you.

I've done other leadership questionnaires, how would the Principal Soul Session be any different?

Your Principal Soul Session is not a questionnaire to fill out. It’s not even a test for that matter. You don’t need to be tested on your core strengths.

Other leadership tools such as the  MBTI, DISC and Wealth Dynamics questionnaires box you into a category, like four neat letters.

You are a dynamic leader and you are not reducable to four neat letters or a limited category of features.

Second, you receive that category only AFTER you provide a bunch of psychological information, that is then fed back to you in a synthesized way.

The Akashic Records don’t ask that of you.

You’ve now moved beyond that rudimentary information.

The Akashic Records are the energy blueprint of who you are at soul level. Like an architect’s blueprint, it details how you are designed to implement as your distinct leader.

There’s nothing to be tested in order to reach that powerful information on yourself. You are instead provided with factual data of who you are at soul level.

Your energetic DNA and how it dynamically flows into your thoughts, decisions and actions.

As a result, you don’t have to provide any upfront psychological details about yourself.

You are instead provided with upfront information, including;

(a) clear details of your distinct leadership strengths from three specific soul level sources

(b) specifics on how to action those dynamic strengths (as a functional system) for the best returns, and,

(c) extensive information on what energies are specifically derailing you, and how, from your leadership soul-level strengths. They’re clogging your functional system and we’ll directly unclog it.

These negating energies are patterns that make it harder for you to implement your distinct soul-level strengths efficiently. Is there any benefit to keeping things hard?

 They are your soul-level strengths and you’re meant to access them and apply them with ease.

Once you have the details of your soul blueprint, your distinct leadership strengths clearly defined and energy patterns dissolved, you charge forward with clear knowledge of how you’re designed and how you operate at your best.


I don’t want to get into all that ‘woo-woo’ or new-agey stuff. Is this really for me?

The truth is, you don’t have to consider yourself new age or ‘woo-woo’ to benefit from this unique approach.

Universal laws – just like gravity – apply to everyone whether you believe them or not. You just need to be curious and open to what’s possible. The information you receive is completely specific to you (it’s your personal soul blueprint after all).

It will clearly speak for itself in relation to your personal circumstances and the intention you set for your session.

What’s your refund or cancellation policy?

As soon as you book your Principal Soul Session, I commence work in accessing your record and collating the information for the Intention you set. By the time we do our online call, several hours of work have already been done in preparation for your call, where I share it all with you.


As a result I am unable to offer a refund for cancellations or a change of mind. 


I understand angst when considering investment in someone new, especially with such a unique service  I realise there is a mixed bag of professionals out there, in terms of reliability and professional conduct. I’ve experienced the frustration one time too many of professionals behaving, well, unprofessionally. 


As a psychologist trained with a strict code of professional ethics and guidelines for professional conduct (as set and enforced by the Australian Psychological Society), I keep myself accountable to providing all my clients with quality service and clear communication.


For this reason I am happy to have a complimentary 20 minute call with you to clarify any questions you have. I appreciate the importance of you making an informed decision on the professional you’ll be investing in.


Once you have booked your session, if you need to reschedule your confirmed reading time, you can do this free of charge, ONCE, up to 48 hours before the confirmed time. Your rescheduled appointment will need to be within 30 days of your initial purchase to make sure it’s still aligned with your initial intention.


To arrange a complimentary 20-minute call, email me directly at