Leadership strength: 3 frank reasons I made the gutsy move to use the akashic records over therapy for my clients

(and walk the talk of adaptive leadership in the 21st century)

“Why spend 6-12 sessions digging and mining to get to the source of your leadership strength? Why not go into someone’s akashic record and get the information in one call?”

Developing leadership strength happens for clients as much as the practitioner. Our synergistic team efforts as practitioner and client will share why, as a busy-enough psychologist over 22 years, I switched to include the Akashic Records as the primary tool for my clients.

As a psychologist, transitions and transforming oneself are par for the course. The symptoms you’d see a psychologist for are by their very nature, clinical and maladaptive. It’s good to shift those glitches.


Symptoms like feeling demotivated, miserable, too easily overwhelmed, anxious, panicky, irritable, frustrated to zero tolerance or like life has lost all meaning. While they could be symptoms only, in leadership strength development, they are very valuable signals. 

As signals, they can be adaptive after a particular event has knocked us for six, such as a friend whose betrayed you. 

Or when a situation realistically calls for certain emotional upheavals, such as grieving a loved one. 

Or when you’ve just become dissatisfied, feel stuck and want something more. 

These responses, for appropriate time periods, are healthy.

Naturally, having them become a pattern can diminish your leadership strength 

Here, they become maladaptive symptoms.

When they make your day to day living an ongoing struggle, your quality of life unmanageable or simply hell, transitioning forward from these symptoms goes without saying. 

For these symptoms, psychological therapy has a treasure chest of tools, theories and psychological health skill sets on hand. Ready to unravel the distorted thinking and overwhelming emotions plaguing your consciousness. 

Helping people to dissolve these mental and emotional symptoms is incredibly humbling and rewarding. There’s no question about it. It all makes room for your leadership strength to emerge even stronger.

But after having managed four private practices and over 1000 clients, a pressing, overarching pattern emerged

Peoples’ personal development trajectory actually led them to deeper questions. Quite healthy questions. No matter what their initial symptoms were or what personality they brought to the room. 

“You could describe it as a deeper desire to get unstuck from a pesky, low-grade frustration irking them”

Once they had clear self-management over their symptoms, or the symptoms were just gone and they felt much happier, clients still felt like something was missing. Missing in their lives or within themselves. This signal became a beacon call. 

Thanks to getting a handle on their racing thoughts and confused emotions, this strange chasm emerged, like an inner black hole. 

An emptiness, paradoxically familiar yet unfamiliar. 

Sounds discouraging but it’s a signal of leadership strength


After 22 years assisting so many clients and conversing with many of my book readers, a percentage of clients who’d developed sound psychological skills accelerated into a more deep-seated self-development.

An uncomfortable phase but a healthy leadership development nonetheless.

Regardless of gender, culture, occupational role or socioeconomic status, they were travelling an onward calling, a trajectory going deeper into their own self-image. 

Self-image, not a concept we speak about often. 

They weren’t necessarily riding off into the sunset smiling ear-to-ear but their self-awareness had certainly become a stronger asset and ally. 

After two decades of observation, their self-awareness was nudging them toward, dare I say, something more purposeful. 

You could describe it as a deeper desire to get unstuck from a pesky low-grade frustration irking them. 

This trajectory highlighted a universal human principle to do with their experiential-self. A key element of leadership strength.

To get more meaningful answers on what their life, distinctly, was all about in the big picture.

Questions like this become much louder in a leader’s conscious awareness

Such questions as: 

  • “what next?” 
  • “surely there’s more to it than all this?” 
  • “I know I’ve got more than this”. 

The chaotic white noise within those demotivating thoughts and confusing emotions no longer masked the questions prodding them in the gut. No longer masked the “voice” of their emerging leadership strength.

People ask why I now choose to use the akashic records to support the development of my client’s leadership strength

Here’s where I took a long hard look at my 22 years work with clients, readers and intensive media advocacy. 

Where I stepped back to get a rooftop view on my own professional development and personal growth. 

Despite the strengths-based leadership I’d already shared in my clinical work, publications and media advocacy, my gut prompt to further refine my transformational leader called for;

  • an audit of my own leadership skills to date and
  • review the leadership qualities I wanted to advance with integrity
  • the transformation of my own self-image

With many years perspective to support my assessment, I realized my servant leadership was advancing into an adaptive leadership style.  

To stay in integrity and agility as a leader, having more clients communicate they wanted in-depth transformational leadership coaching compared to 10 years prior, warranted the inclusion of a tool I knew would bring them amazing results. 

As it had done for my leadership development and improved leadership strength. Albeit, quietly on the side.  

Three reasons stirred me to extend my clinical work and include my client’s akashic record, an essential leadership tool

Reason one:

You don’t have to have distressing or maladaptive symptoms to get meaningful answers to the gut prodding question, “I know I’ve got more than this, what is it and what next?” 

Leaders read such signals before they become symptoms. They leverage those signals early and quickly and find out how they do something better. They prefer not to waste their time and energy. They know in their gut there’s a more efficient way. 

I was connecting with leaders when they first noticed those signals prodding them.  Sooner rather than later. We caught the early signals their awakening self-image wanted to refine further. Before they became maladaptive symptoms.

Having studied the hermetic sciences since I was 17, I inherently knew the akashic records could get straight to source information detailing their core self-image. Their untapped potential which ultimately became their distinct leadership strengths.

The hermetic sciences are a western esoteric tradition training you to become more receptive to energy (your gut prompt) and be proactive and accountable in your own development path. 

Your self-image is an important development for your experiential-self, keen to learn and advance through experience. Hands-on experience. Especially at a later stage in your life.

Reason two:

Between 70-80% of my clients kept digging to get crystal clear on:

  • WHO they were at their core, 
  • WHY they do what they do,
  • HOW they do it the way they do it.

Frankly, they were done with the surface psychology answers. Weird thing to say when psychology is seen as the epitome to reach our psyche’s depths.

But they’d already integrated the psychological elements into their self-image. They were ready for further insight and advancement. 

They were done ‘stabbing in the dark’ trying myriad ways to get answers and find further satisfaction. And rightly so. 

I was thrilled for them. I knew their akashic record could offer them more depth and expansion.

They were ready to handle far more conscious control (note, conscious control) over their subconscious mind to create more in their life.

Their metacognition was waking up and ready to take the reins back. 

Guess what contains the subconscious energy of your leadership strength? 

Yes, the akashic records. What form do these energy dynamics take to claim a place in our subconscious? Glad you asked.

The akashic records contain the motivational energy and drives behind your surface level thoughts and feelings. This motivational storehouse, pure energy, behind your thoughts and feelings are your subconscious.

“It’s actually where our human psychological development eventually takes us, naturally. Like mid-life crisis material, it creeps up on you.”

The akashic records are pure energy. They’ve been known to eastern philosophy for centuries, including Ayurvedic teachings, Buddhist teachings and traditional Chinese medicine. 

However, given regular mountain top retreats are not reinforced in our western life, adapting their use to western world culture is necessary. What does this pure energy in the akashic records mean to you in a practical sense? 

The records are a distinct energy dimension of your experiential self, what your gut is prodding you to reconnect with. Without mincing words, the akashic records are your soul blueprint, soul level leadership strengths. What make you, YOU.

Quantum physics already confirms 10-11 energy dimensions in our existence. Our soul blueprint is one dimension. This FAQ starts to address the science behind the akashic records


Your soul level energy filters down into your drive, your motivations, thoughts and feelings to accomplish what you want more efficiently and abundantly.

Carl Jung, forefather of psychology, would be mighty happy to know we now have the ways and means to access our subconscious and personal consciousness through the akashic records. 

He refers to it all enough times in his psychological experiment journal, “The Red Book”. But back then in the 1800/1900s, they had to rely on transient observations. Now we can just read the records.

Reason three:

It’s actually where our human psychological development eventually takes us, naturally. Like it or not. Like mid-life crisis material, it creeps up on you. 

But as I stated first up, it doesn’t have to be a crisis or even distressing. It only becomes distressing if you ignore the signals. 

Instead, caught early and quickly, you can shift a little and gain a lot.

Let’s face it after you’ve had 3-4 decades ACTUAL life experience, your experiential-self knocks on your consciousness door. 

It starts asking questions to ultimately connect your years of life experience with your matured intellect. 

Your experiential-self integrates your reasoning, logic and heartfelt gut purpose. 

Any thought leader or trailblazer is by their very nature, NOT going to stay in the same self-image for their whole life. 

Eventually, doing things only one way is going to get boring and redundant. Your motivation to find the next phase and the next way is a natural development. 

As you’re now aware, the energetic information within the Akashic Records contains all this information. We facilitate its integration into your conscious reasoning and logical, practical application. 


You gain mastery over your subconscious and personal consciousness. Feeling stuck, restless and frustrated with life takes up less mental energy. 

Taking ownership of what you want and how to get it stimulates your mind instead. 

The sky is the limit in how much you put the information to practical use. 

Using the akashic records as a leadership tool is a natural extension to my clinical psychology work 

We all have to advance in our own right. Many clients showed me where THEY wanted to focus their professional approach for their personal growth. 

The energetic information my clients acquire from their sessions is immediately grounded in sound psychological principles. 

By this stage, you’ve even gotten past the signals and reached into your distinct leadership strengths. Your competitive edge.

It’s practical usefulness to your day to day decisions and actions accelerates your progress and accomplishments. 

Being the thought leader you are, once you’re armed with this information, you quickly see how it can suavely shift what you do and how you do it. 

“In one session, the Principle Soul Session comprehensively details your distinct leadership strengths”

The Akashic Records are a tool I’ve known about for 28 years. At 19 years old, my Maori wisdom teacher taught me how their energy activated in our body. I just wasn’t ready to put the Records to practical use as my primary professional tool before 2015. 

I maintained my own energy work though, semi-consciously at the time! I actively engaged by advancing through Tai Chi levels over 4 years. Then I went on to get my dark brown belt in Wing Chun Kung Fu. 

I didn’t quite click at the time how keen I was to connect with my higher energy body (called CHI in Traditional Chinese Medicine; TCM) through practical activities like this. 

Tai Chi in effect disguises meridian work (our body’s energy channels) in movement. Meridians are a key foundation in TCM. Wing Chun Kung Fu specializes you in energy transfer, through routine forms and sparring.

Mt. Abu, India meditation retreat – mountain meditation

It took me a little while to realize these moving meditation activities were keeping me in tune with my own soul level energy.

But even I, an academic at heart, still needed to integrate it more logically and intellectually. 

I became quite involved with Indian Raja Yoga techniques. Mental level yoga practice. I received an invitation to a 10-day meditation retreat in Mt. Abu India. 

Up at 4am for meditation and consciously connecting with my energy flow. Intellectually weaving that into each day’s activities and actions. It was not a “lay by the beach” getaway by any means.

Both physically and mentally, I was developing my own energy channels integrating my distinct leadership. 

My left-brain geek and my right-brain intuitive, over 20 years, found ways to integrate it into my psychologist repertoire for clients. 

I can spare you the 20-year grind! 

Directly reading the akashic records will get the blueprint details and know-how. Straight to the needle-in-the-haystack and straight to implementing it the way your intellect, creative and experiential-self want to. 

Applying the mastery to ground you in your distinct, soul-level leadership strength

My own restlessness and gut prompts led me to my next level of mastery and satisfaction by applying the Akashic Records and share this deeper information with my clients. 

When more clients wanted practical mastery in their own personal development, I weaved together my psychological expertise and energy work into the structured Principal Soul Sessions.

The akashic records are now well and truly my first choice, my starting point. The energetic information cascades into our psychology and clinical psychology anyway. 

Rather than first digging into client’s symptom and life psychodynamics, I now FIRST work with the information direct from their akashic record. We get the bullseye information upfront. How it then works practically in their day to day activity becomes much more accurate and focused. 

THEN the psychological training is applied, tailored to your distinct soul level strengths. 

Rather than start at the bottom of the waterfall, we now start at the top.

When you’ve become a far more conscious participant in your own life, it’s the least you deserve


Why spend 6-12 sessions, 60-minute each, digging and mining to find out what makes you tick? Why not go into someone’s akashic record and get the information in one session? Upfront?

Sounds a bit too good to be true doesn’t it? 

I’d love to say it is too good to be true, but I’d be lying quite frankly. 

Why we’ve become conditioned to think it’s takes “such hard work and so much time” to get to answer who we are at our core, is beyond me. It doesn’t make sense. 

Alas, we’ve conditioned ourselves this way and admittedly, I fell for it for a while too. But having worked with the records for many years now, I’ve put the illusion aside.

Your experiential-self is more than ready to let go of inner struggle and instead gain mastery over how your life plays out. 

I’ve no doubt Carl Jung and William James, psychology forefathers, would’ve used this tool if they had access in the late 1800s.

You’re ready to play to your strengths more efficiently and with greater return 

In one session, the Principle Soul Session comprehensively details your distinct leadership strengths.

If you want to lay some groundwork before you have your Principal Soul Session, download your complimentary worksheet “3 ways to uncover your true potential, right now”


You’ll receive three practical exercises to ground your experiential-self in practical reality. Developing your detached observer is a life-long asset for your self-image. 

If you’ve already got the groundwork and want to dive into your comprehensive reading detailing your leadership strengths (and the motivational blocks limiting your access to those strengths), you can get the ball rolling with your Principal Soul Session booking.

If there are questions you want to clarify, don’t hesitate to contact me directly at info@rooftopviewsociety.com.  All correspondence and discussions are private and confidential. 

Onward and upward,  Elizabeth Celi

PS. Downloading your complimentary worksheet “3 ways to uncover your true potential, right now” also enables you to be notified when my short film “Bar of Souls – Einstein, Tesla and Jung meet in a bar”, goes live. You’ll find out how these three geniuses reconnect with their leadership strengths amid my signature talk filmed in NYC. I join them in sharing how there’s no competition when we apply your soul-level strengths to cooperative ends. Stay tuned.

PPS. If you want to dig deeper into the science behind the akashic records, I have a blog in development for you. In the meantime though, check out this comprehensive article detailing the 10-11 quantum physics dimensions working behind our leadership development.