Ready for your next adventure, but not sure which path to take?

Step into your potential by understanding your true strengths and busting the inbuilt blocks to your success

(without sitting in a therapist’s chair for months or going on a silent yoga retreat…)

If you’re a high-achieving employee or entrepreneur at a crossroads…

I know you’ve been thinking about whether this is it.

Whether there’s more to your life than just following the motions or going along with the rat race.

Whether you’re really living your full potential.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’ve read all the books you can get your hands on about living life to your highest potential, but you still don’t understand yourself as deeply as you want to.

You’re searching for clarity on the direction your business or career is taking but you’re frustrated because it feels like it’s just out of your grasp.

You feel lost and hate the idea of getting stuck in ‘victim thinking’.

You know there’s more money, success and fulfilment out there for you, but you can’t shake the feeling that you’re holding yourself back.

The problem is, nothing yet has given you the big life shift you crave

 Because reading all the books will fill your mind with great ideas, but without true understanding of what’s specifically going on for you (at a deep ‘soul’ level), you can’t take real action.

What if there was a way to get transformational coaching and insight to move you forward at light speed?

With access to some specific tools, there’s no need to spend months in a therapist’s chair or wait for enlightenment at a yoga retreat…


The truth is, when you understand the actual core of your being, you open the way for real transformation to happen.

This was a life changing experience with the reading being so in line with my path to date – highlighting both the essence and story of my soul journey in addition to providing a clear understanding of the challenges that stand in the way of me reaching my full soul potential… Since having the reading and commencing the clearing work so much has opened up to me I feel clearer and more confident on my journey and completely in flow  – Elizabeth’s reading was clear concise and very easy to follow –  I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to affirm the voices of their inner soul and is passionate about embracing their soul purpose.

Kate A.

Marketing Manager



A transformational Akashic Record Reading and clearing that will deepen your understanding of who you are and what’s blocking your path.

You’ll go from feeling stuck and restless to quickly and efficiently releasing what’s holding you back, so you can move forward with confidence and clarity.

Hi, I’m Dr. Elizabeth Celi, your transformational leadership coach

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from 22 years as a psychologist and mental health researcher, along with my understanding of the quantum field and universal laws, to develop a coaching session built specifically for high-achieving trailblazers.

My unique style of transformational coaching taps into the wisdom of the Akashic Records to unveil your true strengths and who you are, at your CORE.

By using the records and my extensive experience as a psychologist after 22 years and over 1000 clients, I give you comprehensive guidance on how you operate best and what’s holding you back from taking your next big step.

The end result: living a life you only imagined was possible.

As seen in

Hold on, what are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an energetic database, the energetic frequencies of our consciousness. 

They’re described as the energetic record of every motivation and intention behind our words and actions, past and present.

Importantly, there is no judgement in the records. They’re simply an impartial library, a record, of each human soul’s journey.

The Akashic Records have been referred to by Tibetan monks, by metaphysicians like Rudolf Steiner and by contemporary quantum physicists and philosophers like Ervin Laszlo.

In fact, I believe the Akashic Records are a tool that would have been used by great thinkers like Einstein and Carl Jung, the father of modern psychology, had they known of their existence and how to access them.

“He who looks outside, dreams. He who looks inside, awakens”

– Carl Jung


Is more than life coaching or even a psychic reading

It’s a way to get a completely new perspective on your innate strengths and qualities, as well as any restricting karmic patterns that may be holding you back.

 It gives you guidance on how you BEST effect change in the world as your truest self.

 It starts with the power of your strengths now and propels you into the future you choose and action for yourself.

 And, it’s the easier way to ‘fix and unstick’ old redundant patterns that keep you stuck and restless.

In fact, you can have massive breakthroughs from just one reading, whereas you could be sitting for months in a therapist’s chair.

Dr. Celi’s Akashic reading was spot on. I gained clarity and understanding of choices I make and actions I take from a new perspective. She was able to highlight and give meaning to certain feelings and thought patterns that I have questioned internally but never mentioned outwardly. In two words, it has been self-empowering. Thank you Dr. Celi.

Michael W.

Doctor of Chinese Medicine


Principal Soul Session Process for your online consults

Step 1

Your online booking form will collect your details and we arrange our first 30-minute online call. In this call, we’ll discuss your Intention for your Soul Session reading.

Step 2

After our first call, I spend up to 2-3 hours accessing your energetic Akashic record, and collating your Reading, so it’s understandable and actionable. I collate all this data ready for our second call, your Principle Soul Session.

Step 3

We have our second online consult (approx. 90 minutes), where I detail what your Record has revealed, how it relates to what’s going in your life and what you need to know to move forward with ease.



Before our call, you’ll receive worksheets and supporting information to help you understand and document your experience and specific data from tapping into your Akashic Record.


After our call, you’ll receive a downloadable audio recording so you can listen to your reading whenever you need.


You’ll receive a customised 21-day statement, based specifically on your session and your soul profile, that you read daily to help your subconscious process the changes and embody the energy shift.

This simple action will support you to transform old, deep habits and move into your highest potential.


You can email me within 48 hours of your session if you have any additional questions, specifically about your reading that we just completed.


I’ll send you private videos explaining parts of the process so you can understand your session at an even deeper level and take expert action to move yourself forward with momentum and clarity.

Your Soul Session

$586 AUD


Once you’ve had your Principal Soul Session, you’ll receive 25% off any future Principal Soul Sessions as required

{subsequent Principal Soul Sessions (if appropriate) are not recommended until after at least 6-months have passed}

What would life be like if you knew you were steering yourself along the perfect path?

Imagine if you had complete clarity on what to do next, more importantly what to STOP doing, and how to make best use of your unique gifts and strengths.

Imagine finding more ease and less resistance and feeling even more tenacious and decisive in the face of big changes or challenges.


My reading was enlightening and empowering. At a time in my life where challenges, changes and establishments are taking place, it was timely to go through this process and gain insight into what was unconsciously hindering my ability to move forward with courage and decisiveness.

My reading uncovered familiar stories and situations that resonated with thoughts, feelings, motivations, challenges and stresses that I encounter in my current day to day life. What I felt were inherent personality traits I needed to accept as ‘being me’, I actually realised were cloaks to cope. I can now start to remove them by making different choices and move towards what I want to be doing.

I somehow now feel freer, the answers are still coming, but I don’t feel as afraid of the unknown – I feel bravery to face it knowing I can steer myself down a path of fulfilment.

Thank you Elizabeth! 

Nicole S.

Digital Marketing Manager

Here’s how you know if the Principal Soul Session is right for you


A driven, ambitious leader who isn’t afraid to get off the beaten track

Curious about self-development and spiritual psychology

Not interested in blaming others for your issues or getting into victim mentality

Ready for a completely new approach that will move you forward quickly and efficiently


If so, I’m talking to you.


You’ve achieved amazing things in your life and you’re beginning to understand that something deeper needs to shift in order for you to get to the next level.

My session with Elizabeth Celi was nothing but transformational. During my initial reading, she was astute, supportive and empathetic. Over the next 21 days, I saw everything start to flow a lot more clearly and smoothly in my life. Everything that was talked about, and everything I was instructed to do, manifested instantly in my immediate environment. I would highly recommend Elizabeth for her work and believe everyone should get a reading at least once in their life – it’s literally life-changing.” 

George S.

Managing Director at Faia

Frequently asked questions




How long will it take to start seeing results/shifts in my life?

It’s different for every person, but within hours to days it will feel like the cloud around you has started to lift.

For some people, deeper changes will start to happen from around three weeks to three months after your reading. While the results are personal for each session, you may start to feel positive shifts such as more liberation, release, expansion and an unexplainable depth of clarity.

The extent of the shifts will be proportionate to the actions you take.

I don’t want to get into all that ‘woo-woo’ or new-agey stuff. Is this really for me?

The truth is, it’s best you don’t consider yourself new age or ‘woo-woo’ to benefit from this unique approach. It needs your logical, objective and reasoning mind. 

Not everyone is ready for energy work. It takes a desire to want to use your self-awareness for your strategic personal development which then ripples into all areas of your life.

For those that are ready to delve into this subtle and powerful energy work, your Principal Soul Session provides defined specific details and logical data of your distinct leadership strengths. 

It’s not generalized information. It’s specific information from your own energy record, your soul level blueprint. It is energy after all but even the sun’s energy develops chlorophyll in a plant and the moon’s energy has surfers read for low and high tides.

You do need to be curious and open to what’s possible while applying reasonable logic. The akashic records deal with universal laws in energetic form. Universal laws – just like gravity – apply to everyone whether you believe them or not. 

The information you receive will speak for itself in relation to your personal circumstances and the intention you set for your session.

What’s your refund or cancellation policy?

Because of the nature of this specialised session, I can’t provide refunds for cancellations.

As soon as you book your Principal Soul Session, I commence work in accessing your Record and collating all your information. Several hours of work have already been done in preparation for your call, where I share it all with you.

However, if you need to reschedule your confirmed reading time, you can do this free of charge, ONCE, up to 48 hours before the confirmed time. Your rescheduled appointment will need to be within 30 days of your initial purchase to make sure it’s still aligned with your initial intention.

You are welcome to arrange a complimentary 15-minute call directly with me at to clarify any questions.

I feel lost and like the bottoms dropped out but what will this soul session actually do for me?

Great question, sincerely. I love it when people considering a soul session ask me this.

It doesn’t seem to make sense to have an energy level, soul reading when our day to day life just needs to get back on track.

That’s the secret though. Where is that “feeling lost” coming from? When you can clearly sense in your gut that the “bottom’s dropped out”, what exactly has “dropped out”? And by logical extension, hasn’t something opened up as a result of this emptying out?!

Our energy is a real substantial presence. It’s not on the physical materialized level. Of course not, it’s energy!

But you sense it and you’ve become receptive and perceptive enough to sense it to the point of feeling lost …. something’s dropped OUT … and you feel this tangible emptiness that’s hard to explain. But it’s prodding you.

So when you’re ready to get back on track for YOU, back onto your own path that resonates in your deep energy stores (the part of you giving you these signals), then why look to material items to answer that call?

The principal soul session goes straight to the source of where those lost, empty sensations are coming from. Your soul level self.

We don’t waste time with the physical manifestations that are first formulated in the creative expression of your soul level energy. Not when you’re feeling THIS deeply.

The soul session will give you answers from the top of your waterfall. You’re then empowered, as the distinct self-leader that you are, to decide and action what’s right and true for you at the bottom of your waterfall.

Your inner cup then fills with water instead of bottoming out and emptying. You’re on track to strategically and wisely doing what’s right for you. All while KNOWING it’s aligned to your truest self.

It’s the energetic source of you after all.

I've done other leadership questionnaires, how will my Principal Soul Session be any different?

Your Principal Soul Session is not a questionnaire to fill out. It’s not even a test for that matter. You don’t need to be tested on your core strengths.

Other leadership tools such as the  MBTI, DISC and Wealth Dynamics questionnaires box you into a category, like four neat letters.

You are a dynamic leader and you are not reducable to four neat letters or a limited category of features.

Second, you receive that category only AFTER you provide a bunch of psychological information, that is then fed back to you in a synthesized way.

The Akashic Records don’t ask that of you.

You’ve now moved beyond that rudimentary information.

The Akashic Records are the energy blueprint of who you are at soul level. Like an architect’s blueprint, it details how you are designed to implement as your distinct leader.

There’s nothing to be tested in order to reach that powerful information on yourself. You are instead provided with factual data of who you are at soul level.

Your energetic DNA and how it dynamically flows into your thoughts, decisions and actions.

As a result, you don’t have to provide any upfront psychological details about yourself.

You are instead provided with upfront information, including;

(a) clear details of your distinct leadership strengths from three complementary angles

(b) specifics on how to action those dynamic qualities and strengths (as a functional system) for the best returns, and,

(c) extensive information on what negating patterns within your subconscious matrix have developed over time, which are now blocking access to your leadership strengths. They’re clogging your functional system of distinct leadership strengths.

These negating patterns make it harder for you to implement your distinct soul-level strengths efficiently.

It’s not supposed to be that hard and doesn’t need to be. They are your gifts and you’re meant to easily accomplish with them.

Once you have the details of your soul blueprint, your distinct leadership strengths clearly defined and subconscious obstacles dissolved, you charge forward with clear knowledge of how you’re designed and how you operate at your best.



My experience with the Akashic record reading was beyond words. It was someone reading back to me the last 28 years of my life without knowing me and helping me realign my life and soul to its highest purpose. Ever since my reading and clearing I have learnt many things about myself at my core, which is allowing me to live my life in a manner I have only imagined, but I have now put into practice.”

Bogdan I.


Your Soul Session

$586 AUD

(price valid until Wednesday 30th June 2021)