Easily find your true path forward in tough times

Rediscover the 7 Life Lessons your soul knew you could trust for meaningful living

(without having to go round in circles to figure it out…)

If you’re a forward thinker and want the relief of knowing your soul life lessons …

This might sound familiar …

  • You’re tired of feeling hollow, empty or lost
  • You’re done with the chaos of the world and want a true path that puts you in control again
  • You yearn to live your life with more fulfilment
  • You’ve tried a few courses, coaches and leadership questionnaires to find the path that excites you, but the satisfaction too-quickly fades
  • You’re over the trial-and-error already of finding your soul level life lessons.


If only you could get straight to point and do life in the best way for YOU

Directly access your core soul-level life lessons and be free of the empty yearning. Get back on track.

Because taking control of your life again – while the world continues dishing out tiring, relentless crazy moments (hello 2020!) –  is the most energizing certainty you can give yourself.

Your internal compass is always available to you no matter what is going on “out there”.



What if there was a way you could rise above the crazy uncertainties?

The truth is you don’t have to be at the mercy of these crazy times to get clear answers on your soul-level pathway.

You can move past the shifting goal posts with inside knowledge from an experienced spiritual psychologist, who delivers grounded information to clients from their own soul blueprint.

For my life lessons readings I wanted to answer questions of why certain things are the way they are in my life and what I can do to better understand my surroundings. Why I am the way I am and where my life is going. To better understand why things from the past snuck into my common day, shaping me and my life experiences.

One huge driver for me was my anxiety and never being able to stay in the moment, always thinking backwards and forwards. My first questions for this reading were shaped around this and my truth.
The life lessons have taught me to be in-the-moment. To understand why my life had shaped around certain mental blocks and how to dissipate them. They helped me experience life moment by moment, breath by breath, not just accepting defeat. They helped me truly understand what I am made of.

Bogdan I.

Engineer, Melbourne

With all the 2020 upheaval, this soul-reading has been brought forward and on offer for a limited time:


A step-by-step solution for pro-active self-leaders who want to be in charge of how they live their life.

Using the power of their own individuality and on a clear path forward, despite life’s constant changes.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from supporting 1000s of clients feeling a deep emptiness, in search of their higher level of living, and packaged it up in this Reading.

A 2.5 hour Reading packed with details of your specific Life Lessons and your life areas where they matter most.


So who am I to be telling you about your Soul Life Lessons?

After completing my PhD in epigenetics and personality assessment, I immediately entered private practice as a psychologist managing four private clinics throughout Melbourne.

After a few years supporting 100s of clients, a common thread emerged in near 70% of my clientele. They wanted to tap into a much deeper meaning of their life. They wanted to proactively live their life. With satisfaction and fulfilment they could control.

This prompted me to integrate 20 years of personal metaphysical, metacognitive and Raja Yoga practice with my psychological expertise.

The end result: The birth of Rooftop View Society, distinct leadership coaching for forward-thinkers and pro-active self-leaders. Here, we get straight to the literal heart and soul of the matter!

As seen in


Be prepared though, your Soul Life Lessons Reading…

Isn’t about telling you what you already know. 

And it isn’t about you completing some generic questionnaire giving you practically useless information.

You’ll get a detailed action plan of :

  • Your specific Life Lessons
  • Exactly what message they are highlighting for you
  • Which parts of your life are most affected (e.g. primary relationship, family, health and wellbeing etc.)
  • How much you’ve “completed” each Life Lesson and,
  • How to maximize each Life Lesson for more satisfaction each day

“Of all the knowledge, the wise and good seek most to know themselves”

William Shakespeare

English playwright, poet & actor

The Soul Life Lessons Reading is different because

You won’t get general information that could apply to anybody!

You’ll be able to get detailed information from your very own soul blueprint. It’s unique to you so there’s no way it can be general or ambiguous

Save time discovering what Life Lessons are key for you, in two sessions

Re-centre within a comprehensive framework of how your Life Lessons show up in your daily experiences

Receive an itemized table collating all the information and action steps for helpful, practical use.

Enjoy life your way again.

Tap right into the source of energy that fuels your Life Lessons and the experiences they bring you. 

“Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?”

Charles Bukowski

Poet and Novelist


Soul Life Lesson Reading – online consults

Here’s what you get:



Our 1st call is 30 minutes

Our 2nd call is 2-hours

You don’t need to do anything between our two calls. I’ll be preparing your Reading.

We’ll arrange the time for your 2nd call at the end of our 30-minute session.



You get a detailed account of your soul Life Lessons.

What aspect is impacting you will be expanded on. Their practical application for different aspects of your life (e.g financial, family) will be detailed.



You’ll receive the audio recording of your 2-hour coaching call for lifetime reference and review.

You’ll also get a comprehensive table detailing each of your Life Lessons, their aspects and your action list.



Complimentary half-hour phone call after your 2-hour session, arranged within one-week.

Ask anything about your Soul Life Lessons. In particular,  how you can maximize their use and practical usefulness in your daily life.

Valued at $100



Complimentary video with the key points of your 2-hour call and even more real-world, hands on considerations about YOUR specific Life Lessons.

This is not a generic video! It will be done specifically for you after the 2nd online call.

Valued at $550



To thank you for taking this step, please accept a 20% discount coupon on your first Principal Soul Session. The Rolls Royce reading of your soul blueprint!

Redeem anytime before 14 January 2021. Consider it a soul-boosting gift for yourself to see in 2021 anew.

Step 1

Your online booking form will collect your details and we arrange our first 30-minute online call. In this call, we’ll discuss your Intention for your Life Lesson reading.

Step 2

After our first call, I access your soul blueprint (your Akashic record) and collate all the data on your Life Lessons, ready for our second call. This takes me 2-3 hours.

Step 3

On our 2nd call (2 hours), I’ll detail your unique Life Lessons, what aspects of your life are most affected and the action steps to move forward with ease.

Your Soul Life Lessons Reading

$249 AUD

(this time limited offer is now expired. A version is available for clients who have had their Principal Soul Session. Click below for further information)


The Life Lesson Reading special-offer is only offered once per year.

The link above will share information about the Principal Soul Session available anytime.

Imagine what life would be like if …

  • Soul-Life-Lessons-womens-leadershipYou had a clear pathway to rising above that hollow void inside
  • The heaviness lifted off your chest knowing how your Soul Life Lessons bring deep satisfaction for you
  • You didn’t have to rely on trial-and-error to find the answers to your deeper questions
  • You didn’t need to deal with disappointing ambiguous information
  • You can step up with confidence KNOWING you are in control of how you experience any challenging moments
  • You know how to save your energy, boost your mood and put your efforts into the Soul Life Lessons that are key to your life circumstances.


Here’s how you know if the Soul Life Lessons Reading is for you;


A forward-thinker and love to take life by the horns

A self-leader ready to live even more of your life meaningfully

Not interested in leaving your life satisfacton to circumstance

Not prepared to let the shifting goal-posts of life dictate how you experience your daily quality of life

You’re ready to move beyond the chaos of the world and regain control on your own path forward

You’ve achieved amazing things. You now understand something deeper calls you to the next level.

My session with Elizabeth Celi was nothing but transformational. During my initial reading, she was astute, supportive and empathetic. Over the next 21 days, I saw everything start to flow a lot more clearly and smoothly in my life.

I would highly recommend Elizabeth for her work and believe everyone should get a reading at least once in their life, it’s life-changing.” 

George S.

Managing Director at Faia. Singapore

Frequently asked questions




How quickly can I book my Soul Life Lessons Reading?

As soon as you’ve booked your reading online through the “Book Now” links, your first online 30-minute call will be within 48 hours.

Your second 2-hour online call will be within 7-14 working days after your first call – depending on the volume of client bookings at the time.

We will confirm your online 2-hour call during your first 30-minute online call.

Do I need to do anything between these two online calls?

Nothing at all!

Other than get yourself mentally prepared to open up the energizing pathways, from soul level, that enhance your life experience.

After we’ve clarified your overall intention and access to your akashic record (soul blueprint) on our first online call, I go into your personal akashic record to access the data on your soul Life Lessons.

I am directly reading your soul blueprint, which while your subconscious knows this information, it’s unconscious!

Yet it’s serendipituously brought you here to get this specific information into your conscious awareness sooner and easier.

Trying to figure it out in an unstructured way over months/years is no fun for anyone!

Just wait for your second call and the information will be collated for you in the meantime.

If you’d like to geek out, this article explains the quantum physics behind the energetic field of the akashic records.

How many Soul Life Lessons will I be finding out about?

Our Soul tends to decide on 4-7 Life Lessons for any particular incarnation of life experience.

It depends on how much your Soul wants to learn and challenge itself through your many and varied life experiences!

Regardless of how many Life Lessons ultimately emerge from reading your personal akashic record, for EACH Life Lesson you will get:

  • a detailed action plan of your specific life lessons
  • exactly what message EACH lesson is highligting for you
  • which parts of your life are most affected by each life lesson (e.g. primary relationship, family, health and wellbeing etc.) and
  • how much you’ve completed each life lesson to date. 
How useful is this information in my daily life experience? Will I relate to the information?

We will dig in to those very details of how to make use of this information in your daily life, on your 2-hour call.

And yes, you will relate to it. It’s coming from YOUR Soul level blueprint after all!

The inevitable reality of our personal subsconscious and conscious minds (bless psychologist forefather Carl Jung letting us in on that so clearly!) means we’re accelerating your conscious awareness and life application with this Soul Life Lesson Reading.

It does actually make life easier, saving you energy and ongoing efforts (therefore extra money) trying to find this out through trial and error, if you manage to find out at all.

What’s your refund or cancellation policy?

While refunds are not available for the Principal Soul Session, the strange and unusual occurrences of 2020 have understandably left us all a little hesitant.

For those purchasing a Soul Life Lesson Reading during this time-limited offer, if in the unlikely event you feel truly dissatisfied with your Life Lesson Reading after your second online call, you can request a 20% refund of the payment made for your Soul Life Lesson within 24 hours of the completion of our second 2-hour call. 

I’m sure you’ll understand that given a significant portion of the work has already been done by the time you’ve had your second online call, a full refund cannot be given or any more than 20% cannot be refunded. 

If a refund is requested within 24 hours of the completion of your second online 2-hour call, you will still receive the audio recording of your session.

If you have been dissatisfied with the reading received on your 2-hour call, the following offerings will no longer be of practical value for you and subsequently will be forfeited in getting a 20% refund:

  • The comprehensive table and action list delivered to your inbox
  • The 30-minute phone call after your 2-hour online call (valued at $100)
  • The video with even more real-world, hands on information (valued at $550)
  • forfeit of the 20% discount offer on your first Principal Soul Session (value $110 – provided only when booking this Soul Life Lesson package).

Your 20% money-back guarantee is there to ensure you are satisfied with your service delivery. No other refunds are given prior to delivery of your second online 2-hour call or because of a change of mind. 

If you are truly dissatisfied with your Life Lesson Reading after we complete your second 2-hour online call, be sure to request a 20% refund within 24 hours of the completion of this call. After 24 hours of your 2nd online 2-hour call completion time, there will be no refunds issued. Your feedback is always welcome.

I will be more saddened by your dissatisfaction if this were to become a matter to attend to. It is my clear intention for any of my consultation offerings that they are prepared, conducted and delivered with professional business ethics.

I expect such professionalism from other professionals and expect it of myself for my clients. As I trust others with my investment in their service offerings, I am always mindful and respectful of the trust any clients place in me and my service offerings.

Please review terms and conditions regarding refunds, returns, rescheduling and cancelling booked sessions. 

When you buy the Life Lesson Reading today, get access to –

  • Two online coaching calls – one of 30-minutes and one of 2-hours duration
  • A detailed account on each of your Soul Life Lessons and their practical application for different aspects of your life
  • Audio of your 2-hour call detailing your Soul Life Lesson information, for lifetime reference and review
  • A comprehensive table and action list delivered to your inbox
  • BONUS: One 30-minute phone call after our 2-hour online meeting to discuss your Life Lessons
  • BONUS: Complimentary video with even more hands on consideration about your Life Lessons
  • BONUS: A coupon providing you with a 20% discount on your first Principal Soul Session (discount of $110 – redeemable until 14 Jan 2021)
  • All specially priced at the reduced rate of $249 – a limited time offer (regular value $550)
  • This reduced offer is only available until 11th December 2020

Enjoy life your way again.

Tap right into the source of energy that fuels your Life Lessons and the experience they bring you. 


If you’re ready to live your life on track with your Soul’s Life Lessons

Get started for $249

Your Soul Life Lessons Reading

$249 AUD

(this offer is only available until 11th December 2020)

This time limited offer is now expired.

This full reading is available for clients who have had their Principal Soul Session.

Click above for further information.