You’ve outgrown an old paradigm. You intuit a deeper call

Welcome to the place your Soul Psychology is deeply cultivated

(without staying stuck in a comfort zone no longer relevant to you)

Not everyone’s ready for Soul Psychology work …

But when an inner recognition lets you know you’ve outgrown an old paradigm, actually you’re tired of it, you’ll know you’re ready

rooftop view society - uncovering your true potential

You’ve intuited there’s something deeper for you

Your life experience and many life events have culminated to this Call

A deep knowing in you wants, strongly desires, for your deeper authenticity to come to light

Welcome to Rooftop View Society 

The safe place you consciously outgrow old paradigms you’re ready to release

The supported space strengthening you to step into the deeper authenticity of your distinct inner leader

The leader only you can express for the world you want to influence and life you want to live, wholeheartedly

I look forward to being your facilitating teacher. Research how below.

Principal Soul Session – available year round

2021 Your Way available until 15th January 2021

Soul Life Lessons – available November each year


Dr. Celi’s reading was spot on.  I gained clarity and understanding of choices I make and actions I do from a new perspective. She was able to highlight and give meaning to certain feelings and thought patterns that I have questioned internally but never mentioned outwardly. In two words, it has been self empowering.

Thank you Dr. Celi.

Michael Wong

Doctor of Chinese Medicine

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