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Client Testimonials

My session with Elizabeth Celi was nothing but transformational. During my initial reading, she was astute, supportive and empathetic. Over the next 21 days, I saw everything start to flow a lot more clearly and smoothly in my life. Everything that was talked about, and everything I was instructed to do, manifested instantly in my immediate environment. I would highly recommend Elizabeth for her work and believe everyone should get a reading at least once in their life – it’s literally life-changing.

George S.

Managing Director at Faia

Dr. Celi’s Akashic reading was spot on. I gained clarity and understanding of choices I make and actions I do from a new perspective. She was able to highlight and give meaning to certain feelings and thought patterns that I have questioned internally but never mentioned outwardly. In two words, it has been self empowering.

Thank you Dr. Celi.

Michael W.

Doctor of Chinese Medicine

My experience with the Akashic record reading was beyond words I can put in the English language. It was someone reading back to me the last 28 years of my life without knowing me and helping me realign my life and soul to its highest purpose. Ever since my reading & clearing I have learnt many things about myself at my core which is allowing me to live my life in a manner I have only imagined, but I have now put into practice . Thank you Elizabeth. 

Bogdan I.


Within days of finishing my clearing, I experienced a significant postive life shift with a breakthrough I could never have anticipated, it was out of the blue. A gift of incredible kindness and generosity from a dear friend and colleague. I am so grateful to Elizabeth and her Akashic Record reading which has awakened me to attract such a blessed shift and strengthened my connection with my spirituality that has me so much more in sync to Divine Source.

Dee T.


This was a life changing experience with the reading being so in line with my path to date – highlighting both the essence and story of my soul journey in addition to providing a clear understanding of the challenges that stand in the way of me reaching my full soul potential… Since having the reading and commencing the clearing work so much has opened up to me I feel clearer and more confident on my journey and completely in flow  – Elizabeth’s reading was clear concise and very easy to follow –  I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to affirm the voices of their inner soul and is passionate about embracing their soul purpose.

Kate A.

Marketing Manager

My reading was enlightening and empowering. At a time in my life where challenges, changes and establishments are taking place, it was timely to go through this process and gain insight into what was unconsciously hindering my ability to move forward with courage and decisiveness.

My reading uncovered familiar stories and situations that resonated with thoughts, feelings, motivations, challenges and stresses that I encounter in my current day to day life. What I felt were inherent personality traits I needed to accept as ‘being me’, I actually realised were cloaks to cope. I can now start to remove them by making different choices and move towards what I want to be doing.

I somehow now feel freer, the answers are still coming, but I don’t feel as afraid of the unknown – I feel bravery to face it knowing I can steer myself down a path of fulfilment.

Thank you Elizabeth! 

Nicole S.

Digital Marketing Manager