Learning agility, while being centred and grounded, is a core leadership skill. Rooftop View Society provides the higher perspective needed to support leaders in always centring their leadership in these qualities.

Leaders advancing through various leadership positions and levels can develop agility and centredness this way. But why rely on such fickle circumstances to find your centred leadership?

There’s no need to limit your leadership development this way

Getting to your central operating system, so to speak, that you’re 100% in control of, gives you the edge and advantage all the time. If and when circumstances go belly up, your agility kicks in pronto thanks to the grounded leadership strengths always in your control.

You live in your mind and body 100% of the time (stating the obvious) yet it’s the courageous and audacious who actually harness the opportunity to gain mastery over both.

Considering we live with these assets 24/7, it’s surprising how many people don’t consider them a priority to know how they operate, internally and with in strategic implementation.

Rooftop View Society emboldens leaders to take ownership


To gather and refine mastery of their own assets to align with clear leadership vision. No circumstances, even global pandemics like covid19, will disorient your centred and grounded leader.

You will have developed the agility, actually mastered the agility, to adapt with little fallout.

That’s simply the way of an adaptive and transformational leader. You know it’s never static and nor would you want it to be.

How do you get past issues blocking access to your self assured and agile leader?

As humans, we get too bogged down in the “heaviness” of our thoughts and feelings. Getting a Rooftop View, or higher perspective can save us a lot of time, frustration and stress.

Working as a psychologist in private practice since 2003, I saw the many and varied ways that distorted thinking and feeling could derail a person. Leaders too often labelled themselves, undeservedly, a failure.

It’s heartbreaking but it’s also rewarding to have seen people acquire the skills to recognize when their thoughts and feelings have become distorted.

To have them reach a point of realisation and acknowledge, “it’s actually not just me and my personality”. There’s some backgrounded self-sabotaging thinking piggy-backing on the high expectations.

It was one of those incredibly fulfilling moments. That moment where you connect with your inner motivation, take the bull by the horns and give that distorted thinking (and the havoc it created) the heave ho!

That’s the basis of very reputable psychological therapies we’ve heard more about in the last few years.

But that still only scratches the surface

The problem with relying too much on the psychological level of analysis and self-analysis is the increased risk of over-intellectualizing. Becoming left-brain heavy, which will eventually “break” a person.


Secondly, it’s tempting to stop at the thinking/feeling level and think the problem is solved. It will be, in the short to medium term. However, it’ll eventually nip you in the butt (so to speak) if the underlying motivations aren’t simultaneously attended to.

The truth is, those thoughts and feelings are fuelled by deeper motivations and inner drives. Much more dynamic and powerful energy patterns than surface layer thoughts and feelings.

The secret is to get clear insight and self-awareness on these underlying psycho-dynamics. Where the drive for your leadership style and agility truly resides.

While shifting your thoughts is very effective, it’s only a fraction of the bigger picture

In order to go deeper into those psycho-dynamic motivations and inner drives, my 22 years of work in a private psychiatric clinic and private practice as a psychologist highlighted one key feature to master.

To build and strengthen our ego resilience. Rigidity on any level, mental, emotional, physical or intuitive limited mastery.

Forefather of psychology Carl Jung introduced us to this style of analytical psychology over 100 years ago. It’s time we reconnected to it for our use in the 21st century.

There’s no better time to get leadership onto higher ground than now.

A lot of people try to override, neglect or simply ignore the ego and therefore miss out on refining it’s resilience. What a mistake.


Our ego serves a functional purpose when we learn how to keep it in context and how to master it.

Keeping the ego in context and then mastering it comes with developing a higher perspective, a Rooftop View perspective.

As the worksheet “Get unstuck: 3 ways to uncover your true potential, right now” details, we start with three higher order thinking and reflective strategies that elevate us to a Rooftop View perspective.

Strengthen your ego resilience and you master your leadership agility.

Why strengthen your ego resilience? Why does it matter?

Strengthening your ego resilience tunes you in to your unique motivations and drives with as much objectivity as is humanly possible.

It is in this space that we get a glimpse into how we self-sabotage ourselves and sometimes bring ourselves to self-destruction. Don’t forget, it’s also where you glimpse your leadership strengths, skills and gifts.

Clear the subconscious weeds and get direct access and clarity on the seed of your oak tree.

However, a lot of people find glimpsing their self-sabotage confronting, but there truly is no need for it to be. It’s unfortunate that some psychological techniques and other pseudo-mind have made it some mysterious and difficult thing.


Avoiding a glimpse of your self-sabotage will NOT make it go away. It just delays the inevitable clearing out of subconscious blocks. It will happen over the course of living your life, one way or another. That’s simply how our psychology works.

It’s far better to get the upper hand on those subconscious blocks by making them semi-conscious or better yet, conscious. You nip them in the bud before they negatively impact a relationship, project, goal or aspiration you are aiming for.

Strengthened ego resilience will pave the way to the utmost of objectivity on yourself. Refining your Rooftop View perspective then becomes a positive quest where you actually find your wellspring of agility.

Why does it matter to develop ego resilience and rooftop view?

Quite simply, getting THROUGH subconscious blocks means you get clearer access to your true potential and true power held within your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious level of psychology can then become a conscious wellspring of clarity, strength and inner power. It becomes a clear bridge to your superconscious mind.

The superconscious mind is where you connect with yourself with such pure confidence and liberating clarity that you do feel, in a humble way, untouchable.


By developing your ego resilience, you advance yourself into a higher perspective, the Rooftop View perspective.

Not only increased self-awareness, integrity and influence but refined and improved implementation of these conscious mind skillsets. They are better powered by your congruent subconscious mind energy (minus those weeds) and superconscious insight.

By getting to that energetic root cause of your thoughts and feelings, you stay ahead of the curve and stay aligned to your true potential and distinct leadership style.

You minimize where your thoughts and feelings get distorted and by doing that, you free up time. You’re no longer held back with tiring patterns.

Plus, you free up mental and emotional energy. You can redirect it toward more innovative thinking. Or you can simply enjoy more energy of joy and freedom.

In your worksheet “Get unstuck: 3 ways to uncover your true potential, right now”, through meta-cognitive thinking, accumulating inner strength and practicing centeredness, you develop a resilient and decisive rooftop view on the motivations and deeper inner drives behind your thoughts and feelings.

And so Rooftop View Society was born for leaders ready to better manage change and pressure with masterful agility

I founded Rooftop View Society to directly bridge your rational, logical, scientific skillsets and your experiential, psycho-dynamic well of energy.


The latter, your experiential-self, is emerging more and more in 21st century leadership styles. It can’t be ignored.

More followers and communities are waking up to this level of authenticity. They will share more loyalty for leaders who know how to demonstrate it. Genuinely.

Rooftop View Society is here to give you a higher perspective on who you are as an even more self-assured leader.

Refining your agility as a leader ensures you move forward with even more of the courage and decisiveness you’ve become known for.

Onward and upward, Dr. Elizabeth Celi

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PPS. Consider downloading the work-at-your-own-pace worksheet, “Get unstuck: 3 ways to uncover your true potential, right now”. Agility is far easier to master when you remain centred and grounded in your core leadership strengths.